1000L Chocolate Kettle

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1. Chocolate holding tank is used for storage chocolate materials melted by chocolate conch, it is a container.

2. Chocolate materials need to be tempered continuously after grinding process, this chocolate tank can mix materials and make it blended homogeneously and heated uniformly.

3. Chocolate materials and fat will not get separated from each other.

4. This kettle also equip with functions of deaeration, deoderization, bubble elimination etc.

5. Different capacities can be custom as requirements.


1. Model No.:FP-MKC-MBW500
2. Voltage:220V/50Hz
3. Power:1.5kw
4. Volume:500L
5. Rotation Speed:23 r/min
6. Dimension:?980*1160*H1750mm

1. Model No.:FP-MKC-MBW1000
2. Voltage:220V/50Hz
3. Power:5.5kw
4. Volume:1000L
5. Rotation Speed:23 r/min
6. Dimension:?1340*1520*H1700mm


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