2000L Chocolate Refiner

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1. This refining drum is used to store chocolate syrup melted by chocolate conch, chocolate material is introduced by pump and flowed into refining drum through sieve filter vibration.

2. The material inside drum is refined by stir motor and introducing pump. Material can get temperature holding function to meet technological requirements automatically.

3. Chocolate material refined by this drum can be more compacted and lustrous. This machine is the necessary for making high quality chocolate.

4. Equipped with temperature controlling system, temperature control can be operated sensitively, accurately and visually; and it is easy to observe.

5. Equipped with self-contained cyclic filtering system. The circulating pump is fit to be used for chocolate production technology; drum, circulating pipe and pump are provided with interlayer sleeve temperature holding system.

6. The syrup is filtered through two 40-mesh and 60-mesh vibrating sieves, which are easy to be dismantled and cleaned.


1. Model No.:FP-MKC-MJLJ1
2. Voltage:380V/50Hz
3. Power:8kw
4. Main shaft rotation speed:14r/min
5. Volume:1000L
6. Weight:1520kg
7. Dimension:1200*1200*1200mm

1. Model No.:FP-MKC-MJLJ2
2. Voltage:380V/50Hz
3. Power:9.8kw
4. Main shaft rotation speed:14r/min
5. Volume:2000L
6. Weight:2450kg
7. Dimension:1400*1400*2800mm


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