70kg/h Chocolate Sugarcoating Machine

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1. This sugarcoating machine is used in food industry making sugarcoated pills or coating covering.

2. It also can be used to polish chocolates of various shapes such as cylinders, oblatenesses, ellipsoids, melon seeds and balls to make their surfaces well lustrous and colored and the chocolates are of a nice-looking shape after having been polished.

3. The polishing function can also cause the aluminum foils tightly and flatly stick to the color-foiled chocolates of different cylindrical shapes to make their geometrical shapes clear.


1. Model No.:FP-MKC-70
2. Diameter of sugarcoat drum:? 1000mm
3. Capacity:70kg/h
4. Weight:250kg
5. Dimension:1100?1100?1600mm

1. Model No.:FP-MKC-150
2. Diameter of sugarcoat drum:? 1250mm
3. Capacity:150kg/h
4. Weight:300kg
5. Dimension:1300?1100?1600mm


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