Automatic Chocolate Depositor

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1. This machine is advanced equipment with multi-functions such as pouring, molding.

2. It integrates the mechanism and electrical control.

3. Whole production flow includes mold roasting, molding, vibrating, scratching, mold-turning, cooling, striping and conveying.

4. PLC automatic control is adopted in this device, it can make compound chocolate, pure fat chocolate and sandwich chocolate etc., and pouring methods have single and double actions.


1. Model No.:FP-MKC-MQZ-I

2. Voltage:380V/50Hz,21kw

3. Output capacity:1.5-3 T/SHIFT

4. Mold filling:18-25 P/MIN

5. Chocolate shape:As buyer?s requirement

6. Applicable environment:20-25?

7. Cooling capacity:21800 Kcal/H

8. Temp. of cooling tunnel:5-10?

9. Weight of chocolate:Pure chocolate 0-600g,sandwich chocolate15-50%

10. Mold quantity:286pcs

11. Mold size:320*200*32mm,275*175*25mm

12. N.W.:6000kg

13. Dimension:L18500*W1000*H1900mm


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