Fresh Tea Maker

Fresh Tea Maker

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1. One-button operation
Intelligent operating system, one button to achieve a full set of kungfu tea, including “water in”, “boiling”, “take tea”,
“washing tea”, “brewing tea” “tea out” and “clean tea residue”.

2. Customize setting:
According to your preference, you can change temperature, brewing time, measuring the amount of tea, brewing time,etc., to make a cup of your favorite tea.

3. Accurate tea measuring:
Auto tea take-in system, guarantee the perfect ratio of each tea matched with water.

4. Temperature control:
Control the best brewing temperature according different type of tea.

5. Internal and external water supply:
Provide both water supply types of internal water tank and external bottled water for your choice

6. Brewing time:
Design best brewing time for each type of tea

7. Auto tea washing
start auto washing program for Pu’er and Oolong Tea

8. Dua-use nature?
Cup for individual and jug for meeting, both types can be freely chosen, durable and convenient.

9. Auto cleaning:
After finishing each Kungfu tea process, it will clean the tea residue and the whole brewing suit

10. Keep the tea fresh:
Refrigerated tea box can keep the green tea and light fermented tea fresh

11. 3D Heating?
3D heating system make sure to keep the tea temperature more accurate and the tea better taste.

1. Model No.:TCS15

2. Voltage:220V/50Hz

3. Power:2.0kw

4. Current:9A

5. N.W.: 14kg

6. Dimension: 400*280*426mm


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