Fresh Tea Maker

Fresh Tea Maker

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1. Three types of mode freely switch
tea , cold water and hot water, three types of mode can be chosen according to your requirement.

2. Customize setting:
According to your preference, you can change temperature, brewing time, measuring the amount of tea, brewing time,etc., to make a cup of your favorite tea.

3. Sole automatic brewing tea system?
Automatically start the whole process: add tea–regulate temperature–adjust brewing time–tea out–washing, then you can easily enjoy delicious fragrant tea.

4. Instant boiling water:
when you start heating, the water boiled at once. This can effectively maintain the beneficial substances in the water to drink more healthily.

5. 7-inch HD color screen panel:
More intelligent and convenient.

6. Detachable design of tea box
Detachable cover design?easy to replace the tea box, ensure each cup of tea brewed by fresh tea with original taste and flavour.

7. Child-lock design:
When press “Child-lock” button, even if press other buttons will not water out.

8. Auto cleaning:
After finishing each Kungfu tea process, it will clean the tea residue and the whole brewing suit

9. Concealed water bucket design
Concealed design of water bucket?elegant appearance, replace bottled water more convenient and suitable for business and household.

10. WIFI Connecting:
connecting the Internet with WIFI, exchange more updated information and purchase tea online to lead the new fashione.

11.Infrared induction system?
More simple and convenient in use

12.One-button operation
Intelligent operating system, one button to achieve a full set of kungfu tea, including “water in”, “boiling”, “take tea”,
“washing tea”, “brewing tea” “tea out” and “clean tea residue”.

1. Model No.:TCS07F

2. Voltage:220V/50Hz

3. Power:2.0kw

4. Current:9A

5. N.W.: 14.8kg

6. Dimension: 381*340*1192mm


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