Manual Chocolate Depositor

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This depositor machine can automatically warm-up the mould, depositing and vibrating, it is suitable for depositing a lot of geometric chocolate, two colors, center filling, chocolate with granular nuts, it is adaptable and convenient operation.


1. Model No.:FP-MKC-MSJZ

2. Voltage:380V/50Hz

3. Water Tank Heater Power:3kw

4. Mould Warm-up Power: 0.4KW*4=1.6KW

5. Motor Power:0.75KW

6. Capacity:12-20 moulds/min

7. Plastic Mould Dimension:275*175*25mm

8. PLC Controlled Stepper motor:125-5000r/min

9. Working Pressure:0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa

10. Vibration Frequency:2940R/MIN, 220V 0.30KW

11. Temperature For Warm-up mould:35-45?

12. Water Tank Heating-up Temperature:55-60?

13. Rotation Driving Cylinder Of Depositing:?63*50(2pcs)

14. Driving Cylinder Of Depositing Plunger:?100*100(2pcs)

15. Driving Cylinder Of Stripping:?50*50(1pcs)

16. N.W.:420kw

17. Dimension:4200*520*1450mm


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