Single Color Pattern Decorator

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1. This decorator is used for making single-loop pattern on surfaces of biscuit and chocolate etc. many kinds of pattern can be offered.

2. The motor makes the syrup pipe longitudinal and transverse movement, the chocolate in the moving syrup pipe is squeezed by the pump, draw loops on the biscuit or chocolate which is passing from the belt. The simple adjustment for the speed of the belt and the speed of the decorator can create many kinds of loops.


1. Total power: 4.52KW

2. Working pressure: 0.2Mpa-0.8Mpa

3. Volume of the holding tank: 30kg

4. Speed adjust range: 0-140R/min

5. Heating temperature: 30?-50?

6. Dimension: Decorator head: 1300*4200*400?mm?
Feeding part: 960*770*700?mm?


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